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Thursday, January 14, 2021

RCM DSP of 9 Years, Tish Received Her First Dose of the Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine on December 28, 2020

RCM DSP of 9 years, Tish received her first dose of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine on December 28th. She said she choose the vaccine because she “wanted to fight this virus head on”. Tish, and a few other RCM frontline workers have agreed to share their vaccine experience over the next few days. Tish said, “it didn’t even hurt!” #FrontLineHealthcareWorkers


Nathalie (Along With Many Other RCM Staff) Got Her Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine on December 29, 2020

Nathalie (along with many other RCM staff) got her moderna Covid-19 vaccine on December 29th. She reported being “a little sleepy” afterward, but all and all feeling well. 

Shout out to the amazing group of healthcare professionals at #breadforthecity, especially the one and only Dr. Randi!


RCM of Washington December 2020 Newsletter

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Hello RCM Supporters

We hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing and safe holiday season! We have been hard at work this year at RCM, continuing to provide excellent care for those we support through the pandemic. We'd like to update you on what we've been up to this month. 

Bilingual DSP Academy

The DSP Academy is a customized vocational training program that upon completion, participants will have all training and certifications needed to be a Direct Support Professional in the District of Columbia.  Far too often the needs of people with disabilities who speak Spanish were unmet; DSPs were unable to effectively communicate with people and families needing supports.  To reach Spanish speaking individuals and families with disabilities, RCM of Washington came up with the idea of a bilingual DSP Academy.

Virtual Learning Session for DSP Academy 

There are four participants in this first Academy; two bilingual Spanish/English speakers and two English speakers.  Due to COVID, this Academy is a hybrid of virtual and in-person sessions.  Participants will complete a two part series of training:  a 4-week, 12 session, virtual program (Disability Services Field Overview, Person-Centered Thinking, Intro to Developmental Disabilities, Health and Wellness, etc.)   and a 3-day in-person training (CPR, First Aid, Human Rights, MANDT, etc.), both provided in English and Spanish. 

This first Bilingual DSP Academy participants graduated on December 18th, all ready to enter the job market.  To keep participants and facilitators safe, a COVID Agreement was signed by each participant.  There were many precautions in place to keep people safe and healthy including temperature checks at the front door, disinfection of training surfaces and providing PPE for the class. 

RCM hopes to hold another Bilingual Academy in the new year as it continues to meet the needs of people with disabilities in Washington, DC – including those who speak Spanish.

Celebrating the Holidays Safely 

Though we weren't able to celebrate our Annual Holiday Party this year, we found many other ways to enjoy the season safely. How did you celebrate the holidays this year? How are you planning on celebrating New Year's?

Featured Member 

This month we'd like to feature Tyrone Colson. In November, Tyrone was given an award from his employer, GCE Global Connections Enterprises, for being an excellent employee. Tyrone stated that he would like to keep this job for another two years then seek something new. A previous graduate of the DSP academy, Tyrone been praised by his superiors for his excellent work ethic.

Covid Vaccines at RCM

RCM is highly encouraging staff to receive the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine through Bread for The City. Some of our Intermediate Care Facility and Residential Habilitation frontline workers have already received the vaccine. We have been following the experiences of several employees through our Facebook page including RCM DSP of 9 years, Tish. Tish reported that it didn't hurt, and has experienced no side effects as of yet.

Thank you so much for reading this month's newsletter!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

21-Year-Old Man with Down Syndrome Lands Job at UPS: 'I'm So Proud of Him,' Says Sister

"Jake is so worthy and capable, so it's just awesome for others to be able to see that," Amy Hyde says of her brother and his new gig

A man with Down syndrome is proving naysayers wrong — and his latest accomplishment is landing a gig with UPS!

Jake Pratt recently marked a new life accomplishment when he earned a job working for the nationwide delivery service as a package runner, his sister Amy Hyde tells PEOPLE.

Hyde first tweeted about Pratt's new job Tuesday, explaining that her 21-year-old brother works every morning at a golf course from 6-10 a.m. before running packages at UPS for up to eight hours per day.

To read more on this story, click here: 21-Year-Old Man with Down Syndrome Lands Job at UPS: 'I'm So Proud of Him,' Says Sister


A Walk Down Memory Lane: Pictures of Holiday Parties Past!

If this were any other year, just four days ago, we would have been getting dressed to the nines to celebrate the Holiday season together at our Annual Holiday Party. We are optimistically looking forward to continuing our tradition next year. Until then, let’s take a walk down memory lane with some pictures of Holiday party past!


Friday, November 13, 2020

New American Airlines Policy May Effectively Ban Motorized Wheelchairs On Regional Jets

American is working to change a policy that puts weight limits of 300 or 400 pounds for cargo on regional jets, less than the weight of many power wheelchairs.

American Airlines is reviewing a policy change this summer that may have banned travelers from bringing many motorized wheelchairs on its regional jets and cutting off more than 100 destinations to disabled travelers.

American Airlines frequent flyer and triple amputee John Morris, who took seven months off from air travel during the pandemic, said he was surprised to find the carrier wouldn’t let him bring his motorized wheelchair on a flight from Gainesville, Fla., to DFW International Airport in late October due to new weight limitations on cargo on regional jets.

To read more on this story, click here: New American Airlines Policy May Effectively Ban Motorized Wheelchairs On Regional Jets


Art Enables Art Work Here!

Please read about all the great news happening at Art Enables!


The news is nerve-racking to read this afternoon — to say the least!

We’re not writing to negate this — as the nation remains glued to the electoral map, it’s the undeniable truth. But we do hope that these headlines, spotlighting our shared work, make you smile at this tense moment.

Take a quick read now, and thank you, truly, for making this recognition possible.

 Our very own resident artist Toni Lane, featured in the New York Times!

To read more on this story, click here: Art Enables Art Work Here!


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