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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Happy Nurses Week to All of Our Nurses!


New App Will Serve As ‘TripAdvisor’ For People with Disabilities

Who knew stairs would lead to a positive step in accessibility?

After booking a “wheelchair accessible” hotel that ended up having stairs, a software engineer and wheelchair user in Ireland is developing an app called Access Earth that allows people with mobility disabilities to rate restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions around the world based on how accessible they are.

App users will answer “yes” or “no” questions about things like bathrooms, elevators, stairs and more with the option to leave a review based on their experience.

“By allowing users to have a voice on this topic, we hope that this will further push the issue of accessibility and help improve standards across the globe,” Matt McCann, the creator of Access Earth told The Huffington Post. “Ultimately we want to change the accessible tourism market and become a ‘TripAdvisor for accessibility,’ giving people who have accessibility issues a more equal experience of travel.”

McCann, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, got the idea to start the app in 2012, after he discovered a hotel he had booked, which had advertised online that it was wheelchair accessible, actually was not.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Snow White, Boy with Autism Share Sweet Moment

Young love!

The mother of a toddler with autism captured a sweet moment between her son and a Disney princess on a recent trip to Disney World.

Amanda Coley uploaded a video of her two-year-old son Jack Jack and Snow White on Facebook and YouTube earlier this week. She said in the post that her son wanted nothing to do with any of the characters, until he met Snow White.

“You see, he has autism and is non-verbal,” Coley wrote in a May 9 YouTube post. “He is on the shy side with people he does not know.”

To read more on this story, click here: Snow White, Boy with Autism Share Sweet Moment


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