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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Twin Special Needs Girls Wanted a Disabled Dog Who Would Love Them and Understand Them: They Got Her

It’s not easy being different. Tianna and Gianna know that better than most people. The twin 10-year-old girls are legally blind, and Gianna suffers from autism. It’s hard for them to find someone who truly understands what they go through. Maybe that’s why this year they only had one Christmas wish. They wanted a disabled dog who would love them and understand them.

Well sometimes Christmas wishes come true. Carmela is a beautiful Pit Bull whose legs and spine are deformed, likely the result of being kept in a small cage her whole life until a grooming salon owner named Sandy Roberto rescued her. When the girls’ mother told Roberto about their wish, she knew that Carmela had to go to the girls.


Arlington Family Evicted Over 'Loud' Child With Disabilities

A family of four in Arlington, Virginia, is being evicted from their apartment because they say the building's management company told them their son, who has disabilities, is too loud.

The Diaz family was told they need to vacate their home by the new year -- and they worry they'll have to go to a shelter. They say the property manager of Oakland Apartments on Columbia Pike complained that 10-year-old Elder Diaz disturbs her by shouting and singing in the apartment above hers.

Elder was severely beaten by a daycare provider when he was just 18 months old, parents Deysi and Fransisco Diaz said. The attack left him with developmental disabilities, and he has seizures. But he's a happy child.

To read more on this story, click here: Arlington Family Evicted Over 'Loud' Child With Disabilities


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Model, 23, Who Was Born Without Legs Says She Won't Let Her Disability Stop Her from Feeling Confident as She Stars in Empowering Lingerie Campaign

A 23-year-woman who was born without legs didn't just defy the odds to be a multi-sport athlete - she's also now forging a career as an underwear model. 

When Kanya Sesser, 23, was born without legs in Thailand, her parents abandoned her on the steps of a Buddhist temple.

But since then, she has overcome the odds on to prove that her handicap doesn't limit her by mastering skateboard, skiing, and surfing - and landing a campaign with the underwear company PantyProp.

PantyProp's undies are designed to conceal a sanitary napkin and hold it in place, all while preventing leaks and discomfort.

In the company's new campaign, Kanya is seen rocking the underwear while lounging around, reading a book, add brushing her teeth - which she has to do while perched atop the sink.

'It's about women empowerment - be comfortable in your skin,' she told People. 'I'm sexy in my own skin.'


Sisters Who Weigh Just 42 Pounds Combined: Mother Reveals How Daughters, 9 and 14, with Dwarfism and Rare Condition Leaves Strangers Asking if They’re Babies

A mother has described how her daughters weigh just three stone (42 lbs) between them despite being nine and 14, after both were born with dwarfism and a rare neurological condition.

Lola and Claire Hartley are just 5ft tall between them and are so small they are carried around in their mother's arms.
They are severely disabled, visually impaired, cannot walk or talk and suffer regular seizures.

But despite the challenges of bringing them up, their mother Gwen says they still enjoy activities typical of young girls - like listening to rap music and watching wedding programmes.

The sisters were both born with dwarfism as well as a rare neurological condition called microcephaly, which is associated with a smallness of the head and incomplete brain development.

After the eldest Claire was born, doctors told Mrs Hartley and husband Scott that she wouldn't survive past a year.

They became determined to cherish each moment with their daughter, foregoing drugs and feeding her a healthy diet, and she defied doctors to survive.

Now, despite their daughters' disabilities, Mrs Hartley, from Kansas says they bring the family great joy.



Sunday, December 13, 2015

Florida Kicks 9,000 Chronically Ill, Disabled Kids Out of Healthcare System

Sorry, Rick Scott. Nothing you can do now is going to save your soul.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R-of course) has once again demonstrated just how much he doesn't care if people—children, even—suffer and die in ways that are totally preventable on his watch. An investigation by the Miami Herald has uncovered how the state gutted its Children's Medical Services, a program designed to help chronically ill and disabled poor children. So kids are getting dropped.


Friday, December 11, 2015

Amazing Married Couple Adopts 12 Kids With Special Needs

Gloria and Tom are not your average parents. Not only do they have 16 children, but most of their kids have special needs. These are parents who have created a family of which most people would never dream.

It started as a date at the age of 16, and flourished into a beautiful marriage. Then came Tom’s cancer scare, which changed the direction of their lives almost entirely. The couple already had four children, including one who they adopted from Korea. For months, Gloria and Tom worried over whether or not Tom had testicular cancer; doctors weren’t sure, and tests were inconclusive. Finally, his doctor sent him to a specialist who confirmed that Tom did not have cancer. In turn, however, Gloria and Tom realized how precious life truly is.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hip-Hop Duo Pushes to Get More Americans with Disabilities into the “Mainstream”

Tomorrow, National Disability Institute (NDI) will travel to Capitol Hill to call for a more coordinated effort by the public and private sectors to work together to cut the disability poverty rate in half for the 22 million working-age adults with disabilities in this country by 2025 – the 35th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

We are honored to be joined in this journey by Members of Congress and their staff, thought leaders in the disability, asset development and poverty reduction communities, self-advocates, and our new friends, New York City hip-hop duo Namel “Tapwaterz” Norris and Ricardo “Rickfire” Velasquez of 4WheelCity.


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Book Celebrates Differences of Those with Disabilities

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - Local author Stephen Nawotniak had a passion for writing and it morphed into something more.

“"Mubu the Morph," really it came from shared process of humanity of trying to figure out who we are and what are gifts are and how do we share them,” Nawotniak explained.

He teamed up with illustrator Jeff Perdziak and the two Clarence residents set out to make his dream a reality. Nawotniak said the idea came from struggles with his own disability.

“I have a bipolar condition and I’m an occupational therapist. It’s very easy to think less of yourself."

To read more on this story, click here: Book Celebrates Differences of Those with Disabilities


Army Band American Holiday Festival!

A great time was had this weekend at the Army Band American Holiday Festival!


Amy L Brooks, CEO RCM of Washington, Inc.

With all that is going on in the world and in light of some of the ugly rhetoric we are hearing in the news, I wanted to take this time to re-affirm that RCM is proud of and welcomes our diversity.
From the people we support to our workforce to our supporters and our friends we recognize that different perspectives, different cultures, different religions and life experiences all add value to our family of supporters and our mission.
We are, and always will be an inclusive movement that welcomes the distinct value each person brings to the organization. Our strength is our diversity. Our strength allows us to be advocates for all people and to be champions for people with disabilities. Thank you for being you and for making RCM who we are. May there be peace on earth and peace in our hearts! Happy New Year!
Amy L Brooks, CEO
RCM of Washington, Inc.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Congratulations! Robert Kennedy, We Are So Proud of You!

This past Friday Mr. Robert Kennedy became the first ever inductee of the Special Olympics DC Hall of Fame! He was honored during the Tree of Lights Gala. For those of you who don't know, Mr. Kennedy has been participating in the Special Olympics for 58 years! In fact, he started as a child in Camp Schriver. He also competed in the first International Games back in 1968. What an amazing accomplishment Robert, we are so proud of you!!!


Robert Kennedy Inductee Into the Hall of Fame

Thanks for sharing, Kraig! "Congratulations to Special Olympics DC athlete, Robert Kennedy, on being the inaugural inductee into the Hall of Fame!"


The Internet and Job Seeking

86% say it would be easy to fill out a job application online. Let's not leave the other 14% behind!

Byte Back's courses can give you the digital skills you need to get hired: ttp://byteback.org/students/classes/

For more information, click here: The Internet and Job Seeking


Mother Shouts Out Santa Who Talked About Autism With Her Son

GRANDVILLE, Mich. (WJBK) - A mother's shout out to the Santa at  Michigan mall has quickly gone viral on Facebook. Naomi Johnson shared her story of thanks on the RiverTown Crossings' Facebook page.

Naomi writes that her son Landon "said his peace to the old man in red" and then walked away. While his cousins were taking their turn with Santa, though, Landon decided that he still had some things he wanted to say to ole St. Nick.

To read more on this story, click here: Mother Shouts Out Santa Who Talked About Autism With Her Son


Annual Holiday Party - Photo Booth Pictures!

It's offical...the photo booth was a hit! Check out a few of the pictures below!smile emoticon


Monday, December 7, 2015

The AAPD Summer Internship Program

The AAPD Summer Internship Program places college students, graduate students, law students, and recent graduates with all types of disabilities in paid 10-week summer internships in Congressional offices, federal agencies, non-profits, and for-profit organizations in the Washington, DC area. Each intern is matched with a mentor who will assist them their career goals. AAPD provides the interns with a stipend, transportation to and from Washington, DC, and fully-accessible housing.


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