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Friday, May 31, 2019

More Pictures From Last Nights DSP Academy Graduation!

More pics from last nights DSP Academy Graduation. Such a special evening, congrats grads!


Photo Booth Fun From Last Night's DSP Academy Graduation!


RCM's First DSP Academy Cohorts Have Graduated!

It's official, RCM's first DSP Academy cohorts have graduated! We are so proud of this incredible group of young adults whose futures are so bright. Stay tuned for more pictures of the graduation celebration to be posted! #rcmdspacademy


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Low Pay Feeds Shortage of Workers Who Care for People with Developmental Disabilities

Well said Barbara Merrill..

"We need policymakers to fully understand that these simply are not just minimum wage jobs," Barbara Merrill said."DSPs literally do it all."

Story Highlights:

  • DSPs are lifelines for people who just a few decades ago would have been left to live in institutional settings
  • The jobs can be physically demanding and emotionally taxing.
  • But wages hover near minimum wage.

The Arc of Bergen and Passaic recently renovated a facility to accommodate a day program for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, but the program will not open in the foreseeable future because the agency cannot ensure there will be enough workers to staff it.

"I’ve got programs already existing. I have to be sure that those people are taken care of and are safe," said Kathy Walsh, CEO and president of the Arc of Bergen and Passaic. "Until I have those programs staffed, I can’t open a new program. Then we’re not keeping our commitment to the people I am already serving."

The problem is nationwide.

To read more on this story, click here: Low Pay Feeds Shortage of Workers Who Care for People with Developmental Disabilities


Happy Birthday! Bernard Crawford!

Happy 60th Birthday to this incredible guy, Mr. Bernard Crawford! This man is one of the most resilient, charismatic, smart and inspiring people you’d ever be lucky enough to meet. The best years are yet to come! 🎉 🎳 #overthehill #takeyourtime


Corporate America Urged To Increase Disability Hiring

Let's Keep Pushing This!

A group of investors with over $1 trillion in assets is looking to use its clout to pressure companies into hiring more people with disabilities.

With a joint statement issued this week, the group led by New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli and Oregon State Treasurer Tobias Read is urging businesses they’re invested in to take a series of steps to better include those with disabilities.

“As investors representing over $1 trillion in assets under management, we believe companies must do more to include people with disabilities in the workforce,” reads the statement. “We want our portfolio companies to create sustainable, long-term value; this requires a workforce with a wide range of viewpoints, skills, abilities and experiences.”

To read more on this story, click here: Corporate America Urged To Increase Disability Hiring


What DC Is Working On Around Employment! Get Involved!


A Medical Condition Or Just A Difference? The Question Roils Autism Community

This is an article from the Washington Post, what camp are you in?


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