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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Meet Trevon, The First Annual Recipient of the RCM Community Empowerment Opportunities Scholarship

RCM is excited to introduce you to Trevon, who is the first annual recipient of the RCM Community Empowerment Opportunities Scholarship! He is a senior at Ballou High School in SE DC who has a love for metro trains, drumming, and family. He is the Co-section Leader of the Ballou marching band, an active member of his church, and a participant in the Willing and Aspiring Teen-son’s Mentor Program.

In his personal statement, Trevon spoke about how being in the Special Education program in high school isn’t easy and how he often gets teased at school. “Unlike most kids, I learn a lot slower than others, and sometimes it takes me longer to understand a concept. I have to work ten times harder in order to be on the same level as the general students.” And work hard he has, becoming the first student with an intellectual disability to be named a DC Achiever last year. Ms. Bean, one of his teachers wrote; “His curiosity and determination fuel his desire to learn. Even though Trevon has an intellectual disability, he does not let anything stand in his way. He wants to attend college so that he can become a productive citizen. His ultimate goal is to be successful in life.”

The scholarship committee was very impressed and inspired by Trevon’s leadership skills and positive achievements within his school and community. The Board of Directors Scholarship Committee is pleased to award him $3,000 to help him achieve his goal of graduating from college!

“When I found out that I was selected to receive the Community Empowerment Opportunities Scholarship, I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy to hear that I can get up to $3,000 from RCM of Washington, Inc. to go to college. I am honored to be the recipient of this wonderful scholarship. The money that I receive will help me to accomplish my goal of going to college. I want to achieve my dream of working at Metro or becoming a computer technician. My college experience will help me to become more independent, and it will prepare me to enter the world of work. It will help me to become a more knowledgeable, confident and responsible person. I would like to thank everyone for this great opportunity!” – Trevon


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