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Friday, March 20, 2020

A Note to Members of the RCM Family

It is hard to find the words to express to you how much we appreciate all the efforts and sacrifice each RCM team member is making to ensure the people we are supporting remain healthy and safe. The way we are handling this crisis with a calm, cool and confident demeanor is impressive. People are working together, finding solutions to issues and making things work. We are just at the beginning of this crisis but if we continue to work together and openly communicate, we will get through this. We must ensure we are looking out for each other’s physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing as we move forward. We are fortunate that we are essential employees and our place in the workforce is solid. I know many of you may have family members who are impacted by the drastic changes that are occurring in our economy. We will continue to provide you with resources for food, childcare, and social programs that will help your family stay whole. Also remember we have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that can be accessed.

This is a time for us all to come together, work collectively, look out for one another and communicate with transparency and sincerity. Please keep families involved and informed of our activities while understanding that this can cause emotional instability for many. Thank you for all you do, you are essential, and you are valued. This crisis illustrates the uniqueness of the work we do here and how we are different from other health sectors in the city. Together we will prevail and serve honorably the people who have trusted us with their care.

Amy Brooks, CEO


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