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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

RCM’s Fantastic Nursing Team!

Here are just a few members of RCM’s fantastic nursing team! Our fearless leader, Clinical Director Birhanie, who has been with RCM for 4 years (we don’t know where we would be without you), RN Kathy Ann (8 year employee), and LPN Festus (4 year employee). These are just a few of many who, despite personal risk, are working around the clock to provide people with excellent care. Thank you! #nursesweek2020 #communityhealthnurses #thankanurse

Clinical director, Birhanie is sitting in a black chair at his desk. He is wearing a blue button down shirt and a blue surgical mask. He has his hands folded in his lap.

RN Kathy Ann takes a selfie. She is wearing hoop earrings and a blue and white surgical mask. Her black glasses are propped on top of her head.

LPN Festus stands in the corridor of a house hallway with brown doors. Festus is wearing a maroon protection gown, a white mask, face shield, protective glasses, hair cover, and bright white sneakers. He is standing up straight with his hands in the front pocket of the gown.


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